Tales From the Bargain Bin #15 - 90's Era PC Pack In Games
A Gamer Looks At 40June 26, 202300:39:5527.44 MB

Tales From the Bargain Bin #15 - 90's Era PC Pack In Games

Back in the mid 90's, there was nothing more exciting than getting a PC. That is, until, you realized it was purchased for homework and researching term papers on ancient Roman civilizations. And forget about asking mom and dad for PC games. That's what your SNES was for.

For many young people of that era, myself included, the pack in software of our grey box PC's were the only entertainment we had until we got cash of our own. On this episode of Tales From the Bargain Bin, we chat about old computers, dive into a real Packard Bell software bundle, and discuss one of the weirdest games in my personal catalog.

Starring Julian of Nerds Without Pants Podcast

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