Tales From the Bargain Bin #21 - NBA All Star Challenge (SNES)
A Gamer Looks At 40June 24, 202400:55:0137.84 MB

Tales From the Bargain Bin #21 - NBA All Star Challenge (SNES)

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When I asked Justin Hamm of The Stage Select Podcast which game he would like to do for Tales From the Bargain Bin, he immediately responded, "NBA All Star Challenge on the SNES". Almost too quickly.

Turns out, Justin was trying to exorcise some 16-bit demons 'cause this is - whew - this is a game. Join Justin and I as we play "Guess the Team", bemoan the dunk button and spend an hour working through trauma, one feature at a time.

STARRING: Justin Hamm of the The Stage Select Podcast (@TheStageSelect on Twitter)

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