Ep 106: Final Fantasy 6 (Part 1) - Intros and First Impressions
A Gamer Looks At 40July 08, 2024
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Ep 106: Final Fantasy 6 (Part 1) - Intros and First Impressions

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From the second the title faded from my 19 inch Zenith CRT and the opening montage began, I was an insta-fan of Fina Fantasy 3/6. Nothing could have prepared me for the epic adventure that awaited me. An experience rich with high drama, interesting characters, engrossing gameplay and a story for the ages, FF3/6 remains one of my Top 5 games of all time.

Anyone who's played this world class RPG has a similar story. So, let's hear them! On Part 1 of our multi part exploration of Final Fantasy 3/6, over a dozen guests share their unique first impressions and why this game stuck with them for the days, weeks and in some cases, years to come. 

STARRING (all handles from Twitter)
Aiden Moher (@adribbleofink)
Greg Sewart of the Player One Podcast and Generation 16 (@sewart) 
James and JJ of RetroFits on YouTube (@FitsRetro)
Julian Titus (@julian_titus) of The Stage Select Podcast (@StageSelectPod)
The Lets Play Princess (@TheLPPrincess) 
Mekel Kasanova (@MekelKasanova)
Mike of the Distorted Illuminations YouTube channel (@MadMonarch_DI) 
Mike aka MageORage on Twitch and YouTube (@mageorage)
Ryan aka @GameswCoffee
Ryan Lindsay of KISS 105.3 in Ottawa (@THERyanLindsay) 
Seth Sturgill (@twodollarhero) from @allnpodcast
Tim Knowles of The Leetist 
Trevor and Jeff of New Dad Gaming Podcast (@NewDadGaming) 
Trey of the NintenDomain Podcast (@Ninten_Domain) 
Wade aka (@ProfNoctis) 
Yurik (@YurikArkady on TikTok)


FINAL FANTASY VI: 'Terra's Theme' | Classical Guitar by John Oeth Guitar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY7mJvYNLYE

Kids Run Through the City Corner (Final Fantasy VI) by John Oeth Guitar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxnKF7geWwg

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