Ep 92 - Side Quests Vol 7: A Series of Intros and Hellos
A Gamer Looks At 40November 06, 2023
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Ep 92 - Side Quests Vol 7: A Series of Intros and Hellos

Whenever I get the opportunity to chat with people about games, the conversation rarely stays on topic. Invariably, my guest and I start jibber-jabbering about all sorts of gaming related topics. In this action packed addition to my Side Quests series, we learn the backstories of a few of my favorite guests from the last four months of podcast interviews. Volume 8 is coming next week!

STARRING (all handles from Twitter X)

Dan aka Captain Gingerbeard (@ScurvyBay)
Joe of SNES is Life Podcast (@SNES_is_Life)
Matt of the Backlog Busters (@backlog_busters)
Mustin, music producer (@Mustin)
Rigney of the Reliving Retro Podcast (@Reliving_Retro)
Robert P. Ottone, author of The Triangle (@RobertOttone)
Ryan aka @Retro64__, Designer and artist for @SmashRemix, @Mother_Encore, @mother__squared, and @MotherForever
Sam of the RetroLogic Podcast

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