Ep 86 - Earthbound Part Threed: Characters, Story and Theme
A Gamer Looks At 40September 18, 2023
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Ep 86 - Earthbound Part Threed: Characters, Story and Theme

A passing glance at a mid-90's Game Pro magazine would likely reveal an ad or two for Earthbound. Not a mention of deep themes, relatable characters and a story that crosses the ages. Nope! Master Belch and "This Game Stinks". Luckily, this wonderful SNES experience is more than the claims of its marketing and my cast of nine are here to tell you exactly why. 

STARRING (all handles from Twitter)

Cat Blackard (@NeonFeline) of the Mother, She Wrote Podcast (@EarthBoundPod)
Celeste (@faeriecrypt) of Another Zelda Podcast (@AnotherZeldaPod)
Dan aka Captain Gingerbeard (@ScurvyBay)
Kyle VonKubick (@obeykube) of Read Only Magazine
Michael K Hughes (@KaidanXain) of the Capes and Junk Podcast (@GamesAndJunk)
Mustin, music producer (@Mustin)
Rigney of the Reliving Retro Podcast (@Reliving_Retro)
Robert P. Ottone, author of The Triangle (@RobertOttone)
Sam of the RetroLogic Podcast


Earthbound Town Medley - Acoustic/Classical Guitar Cover by Super Guitar Bros - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koX4XLkB5sY

EarthBound: Dusty Dunes Desert Tex Mex cover by Steven Morris - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMiHMEh6qUw

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