Ep 101: Final Fantasy 4 (Part 1) - Introductions Into a Brave, New World
A Gamer Looks At 40May 13, 2024
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Ep 101: Final Fantasy 4 (Part 1) - Introductions Into a Brave, New World

In the winter of 1991, Final Fantasy 2 stormed onto North American shores as an SNES launch title and was met with middling enthusiasm. US gamers were too busy stomping Goombas and driving hovercrafts to worry about turn based combat and wandering in circles.

But for those who took the plunge, they discovered not only a love for the series but a new genre to adore. Join myself and a host of fans as we share our earliest recollections and memories of Final Fantasy 2 - I mean, 4.

STARRING (all handles from Twitter)

Barry Carenza of Premium Edition Games (@HawkHellfire)
Greg Sewart of the Player One Podcast and Generation 16 (@sewart)
John Trenbeath (@crazyjohnt)
Julian Titus (@julian_titus) of The Stage Select Podcast (@StageSelectPod)
Mekel Kasanova (@MekelKasanova)
Mike of the Distorted Illuminations YouTube channel (@MadMonarch_DI)
Mike aka MageORage on Twitch and YouTube (@mageorage)
Mike Albertin of Games My Mom Found Podcast (@mom_found)
Moses aka @thewellredmage of the-pixels.com and Gamelogica on YouTube
Mustin, music producer (@Mustin)
Ryan Lindsay of KISS 105.3 in Ottawa (THERyanLindsay)
Wade aka (@ProfNoctis)


Final Fantasy IV - Welcome to Our Town (Harp Solo) by Harpsibored - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvnWlk5OyO0

Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV (Piano Cover) by Animalisa Keys - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlUFeCJ7T5c

FINAL FANTASY IV: 'Rydia's Theme' | Classical Guitar | John Oeth by John Oeth - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgsyimjKsxk

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